Swedish Planetarium Goes Digital with Imaging from Antycip Simulation, Mersive, and projectiondesign
October 19, 2009

Swedish Planetarium Goes Digital with Imaging from Antycip Simulation, Mersive, and projectiondesign

Fredrikstad, Norway - Five projectiondesign F22 1080 DLP projectors have been installed as part of a major technical upgrade of the planetarium at Umevatoriet, a public-facing science center attached to the University of Umea in Sweden. Supplied as part of a package with HP image-generating servers by distributor Pedensia and integrated by Antycip Simulation, a subsidiary of ST Electronics (Training & Simulation Systems) Pte Ltd, the projectors enable Umevatoriet to deliver a more immersive planetarium experience, and to produce "full-dome" shows for the first time.
Malin Hallbeck, account manager, Sweden at Antycip Simulation, says: “Umevatoriet opened in 2006 as a ‘space-themed’ meeting point for the university, schools, local companies, organizations, and the general public. The idea was to raise interest levels in science and technology among people of all ages, playing on man’s natural fascination for outer space as the starting point. The planetarium seats 27 people in two rows of seats under a 5-meter diameter hard-curved dome screen. It has been popular from the start, and this year the university asked Antycip Simulation to completely overhaul the audio visual systems so that they could broaden the range of content on offer, as well as raise the quality of the images.”

The latest in projectiondesign’s DLP projectors, the compact F22 1080 offers superb color reproduction, 1080p resolution, a full 24/7 operation warranty, high-precision lenses, and unique color matching and calibration capabilities, at an affordable price point. Because of its small size, the F22 1080 is well suited for installations where space is a premium.

The F22 1080 projector is installed at the heart of the new Umevatoriet planetarium in Umea, Sweden. At Umevatoriet, Antycip Simulation deployed Mersive SOL software to handle the edge-blending, image warping and auto calibration of multiple projected images.

“The Mersive SOL® software enables the automatic calibration of the F22 1080 projectors, thus significantly reducing the time to install while increasing the stability of the display,” explains Randall Stevens, CEO at Mersive. “Calibration which has traditionally taken hours and even days to achieve has been reduced to a few minutes, such that installation and maintenance costs are greatly reduced.”

To enhance Umevatoriet’s content-generation capabilities, Antycip Simulation has installed Uniview Theater and Uniview Producer software from Sweden’s SCISS AB, a specialist provider of visualisation tools for planetariums. Developed in close collaboration with Linköping University and the American Museum of Natural History in New York, Uniview software acts as an online data browser for global satellite imagery, while at the same time providing the wider context of the universe in breathtaking 3D imagery.

“The combination of projectiondesign projectors and Mersive software products is a fantastic offering to the market. Our new system has been enthusiastically received by the management at Umevatoriet, and they are confident that it will raise the facility’s profile even further,” concludes Malin Hallbeck at Antycip Simulation. “The projectiondesign F22 1080s, allied with the right imaging and database software tools, have really allowed this unique space to take a quantum leap forward in terms of audience interaction and engagement.”

Sondre Fauskanger, product and application manager for visualization and simulation at projectiondesign, concludes: “The Umevatoriet shows that our F22 1080 projectors can be used to give the end user a compelling immersive video experience. With its intimate feel and very broad range of appealing content, this installation offers a new blueprint for compact planetarium design, and we are delighted to play such an important role in bringing it up to the latest imaging standards.”