StudioGPU Ships MachStudio Pro
June 30, 2009

StudioGPU Ships MachStudio Pro

Los Angeles, Calif. - StudioGPU announced the availability of MachStudio Pro, a professional 3D workflow and rendering package created by artists for artists. MachStudio Pro harnesses the power of professional graphics processing units (GPUs) to enable artists to create and interact with cinematic-quality 3D objects and environments in a non-linear workspace.
MachStudio Pro streamlines real-time 3D workflow, enabling artists to manage and interact with complex lighting, caustics, cameras, shaders, materials, ambient occlusion, and color grading. With MachStudio Pro, render times can be reduced from hours to minutes and minutes to seconds or sub-seconds, according to a representative. A complex 1.98 million polygon high-definition image, for example, renders in 14 seconds using MachStudio Pro, while the same scene rendered with a traditional rendering package can take more than three hours to complete.

Powered by a real-time rendering engine, MachStudio Pro software fits into the creative pipeline after all 3D models are produced and provides lighting, cameras, materials, compositing and finishing capabilities. The MachStudio Pro workflow is akin to a virtual 3D real-time studio environment, allowing artists, designers, directors, and TDs to work with lighting, camera views and multi-point perspectives for a real-time view of frames as they will appear in the final rendered format.

Developed and proven in a high-end production environment, MachStudio Pro offers real-time 3D workflow and rendering features that eliminate the need for expensive render farms, says a representative.

Key features include:

·        Optimized shader and material pipeline

·        Ability to adjust and view all render passes independently

·        Full materials library

·        Interactive ambient occlusion (AO)

·        Fully configurable lighting and animation constraint system

·        Real-time High Dynamic Range (HDR) cameras and lighting

·        Real-time depth-map shadows and depth-of-field

·        Exporters to support a wide range of file formats, including Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, and .fbx formats

·        Customizable interface with assignable hot keys, drag-and-drop tabs and functional scene manager

·        Support for the creation of unlimited lights and gels

·        Simulated global illumination, reflections, refractions, and subsurface scattering

·        Resolution independent with support for all popular final file formats and codecs

·        Full Python scripting support

MachStudio Pro ships with an AMD ATI FireGL V8650 3D workstation graphics accelerator card featuring 2GB of onboard graphics memory and a parallel processing Unified Shader architecture. Supporting a wide range of industries—from computer-aided design (CAD) visualization and 3D animation to top-quality film and broadcast projects— MachStudio Pro offers interoperability with professional 3D modeling, animation, and 3D CAD software packages.

MachStudio Pro is now shipping for Microsoft Windows XP Professional and Windows Vista operating systems, and comes standard with an AMD ATI FireGL V8650 3D workstation graphics accelerator card.

The special introductory price of MachStudio Pro is $4999, which includes a full year of technical support and product maintenance updates. Education and volume licensing is also available upon request.