StudioGPU Previews Real-Time 3D Workflow, Rendering Solution
May 13, 2009

StudioGPU Previews Real-Time 3D Workflow, Rendering Solution

Los Angeles, Calif. - Artists, designers, and TDs in Los Angeles and Montreal were able to experience the performance advantages of real-time 3D workflow and rendering at a sneak-peek event spotlighting MachStudio Pro. The new solution, StudioGPU’s nonlinear real-time workspace for 3D professionals, is powered by AMD ATI FireGL V8650 3D graphics workstation accelerator cards.
In development for more than four years, MachStudio Pro software benefits small and mid-level creative studios with real-time 3D workflow that can be used to easily manage complex lighting, caustics, ambient occlusion, and color grading to reduce render times, says a company representative.


Powered by a real-time rendering engine, MachStudio Pro software fits into the creative process after all 3D content is produced--before compositing and finishing begins. What happens in the MachStudio Pro workflow is akin to a virtual 3D real-time studio environment, enabling artists and TDs to work with real-time lighting, camera views, and multi-point perspectives. The system also delivers a real-time view of how work will appear in the final rendered format, offering unmatched creative control and flexibility when making real-time decisions.