Smith Micro Software Announces New Content Paradise Online Marketplace
July 8, 2009

Smith Micro Software Announces New Content Paradise Online Marketplace

Aliso Viejo, Calif. - Smith Micro Software Inc.’s Productivity and Graphics Group has relaunched Content Paradise, an online marketplace for  hobbyists, artists, and graphics professionals to buy and sell digital content. Content Paradise kicked off the new marketplace on July 3 with a series of online specials for its members, featuring the most popular items from Smith Micro and content from the expanding family of artists selling thousands of products.

Visitors to the new site will see a growing catalog of more than 5000 products, as well as software and plug-ins for hobbyists and creative professionals who work in animation and illustration. The online catalog offers 2D and 3D digital content, such as human characters, anatomy, clothing, creatures, furniture, cars, trees, scenes, and accessories that work with popular applications, including Adobe Photoshop, Anime Studio, Manga Studio, Poser, and Autodesk's 3D Studio Max.

The new site has an accelerated sign-up process for members and provides sellers direct control over setting up their products, selecting promotion levels, coordinating sales, and creating banner ads. As part of the set of product management tools, digital sellers have immediate access to their sales data in a dashboard summary, and can easily export sales reports to better manage their own businesses and maximize profits.

Content Paradise is available today at