Safe Harbor Announces HD Stock Footage Library from Electric Crayon Studio
June 25, 2009

Safe Harbor Announces HD Stock Footage Library from Electric Crayon Studio

Waukesha, Wis. - Safe Harbor Computers has announced the availability of the Electric Crayon Studio Stock Footage collection by Patrik Beck. Initial offerings include more than 50 high-quality, rights-managed animations in SD and HD NTSC formats. Available scenes include planetary flyovers, fast-moving cloud formations, rotating globes made of a variety of materials, rippling flags, the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, ticking clocks, and more.

“I am thrilled that Safe Harbor is once again distributing my animations to media producers,” enthuses Pat Beck, the owner of Electric Crayon Studio. “Nearly two decades ago Electric Crayon Studio started by producing wedding animations that were sold through Safe Harbor on floppy disks. Fast forward to today; this new line of CG footage is available immediately by download and has the quality and resolution that HD editors are looking for.”

The Safe Harbor site has been updated to provide Flash previews of every complete animation, enabling visitors to see each file in its entirety before buying. New clips will be posted weekly.

The HD clips are rendered at 1920x1080 theatrical resolution and are $450 for in-house use and $650 for advertising use. SD clips are scaled or cropped to 720x486 from the original 1920x1080 size and are $190.

The animations range in length from 60 frames to 1200 frames, many of them seamless loops, and can be customized if needed. All animations are available for download within one business day of purchase. CD delivery available.