February 13, 2009

SIGGRAPH 2009 Seeks Real-Time Video Games Content

Chicago, Ill. - As part of the SIGGRAPH 2009 expanded focus on video gaming, this year's Computer Animation Festival will dedicate a segment of the Festival specifically to real-time rendering projects.
The top selections will be played and demonstrated live on their respective platform (Xbox 360, PS3, PC, etc.). The real-time work will have its own jury of industry professionals and experts. Entries will be judged on creativity, innovation, performance, and most importantly, the ability to render in real time in front of a live audience during the Computer Animation Festival. Selected contributors will be invited to show their projects as it renders live for the Computer Animation Festival Evening Theater audience, as well as showcase their work in The Sandbox, an area at SIGGRAPH 2009 dedicated specifically for attendees to get a hands-on gaming experience.

"The addition of live, real-time rendering work is going to make this one of the most dynamic and innovative Festivals in SIGGRAPH history," says Ronen Barzel, SIGGRAPH 2009 conference chair. "The gaming industry has been a substantial innovator in real-time graphics, and now the best gaming work can be showcased at SIGGRAPH alongside the latest developments in research, science, art, and technology from around the globe."

Focuses in real-time rendering in addition to games include:
- Mathematical or other industrial simulations
- Research projects
- Real time artist explorations
- New use of pioneering technology
- Scientific visualizations

In addition to showcasing real-time works themselves, SIGGRAPH 2009 will include presentations and panels that will explore the latest and most exciting work being created with real-time engines, says a representative. Detailed information regarding how to submit for Real-Time Rendering pieces is available on the SIGGRAPH 2009 Web site at http://www.siggraph.org/s2009/submissions/caf_real-time/