Right Hemisphere, Mecanica Add 3D Visualization to PLM360 Solution
November 12, 2009

Right Hemisphere, Mecanica Add 3D Visualization to PLM360 Solution

San Ramon, Calif. - Right Hemisphere and Mecanica Solutions entered a technology partnership whereby Mecanica has embedded Right Hemisphere’s 2D and 3D visualization technology into its PLM360 solution.  PLM360, designed to streamline business processes and speed product development cycles, is an integrated suite of solutions, including Project Management, Document Management, Business Process Management, and Product Data Management modules.

PLM360 empowers cross-functional teams inside and outside the organization to share critical information, work collectively, and minimize manual processes resulting in higher levels of operational efficiency. The suite combines powerful and intuitive collaborative capabilities into a single, fully integrated solution.

Mecanica used Right Hemisphere’s Visual Application Development Suite and Deep View software to add a layer of visualization capabilities into its PLM360 solution. With these capabilities, PLM360 can take 3D computer-aided design (CAD) files from any major CAD application and translate them for use in a wide variety of lightweight 2D and 3D file formats. This visual content can then be merged into project management workflows so that visual product data becomes part of the user experience. This visual content is also accessible via Mecanica’s Web-based user interface.

"Gone are the days when sharing and visualizing 3D product information was primarily for engineers,” says Right Hemisphere director of marketing Bob Merlo. “Adding 3D visualization into business applications and processes is making an appreciable difference in the way we work, in how quickly we comprehend, and ultimately in how productive we can be. If 3D visualization wasn’t adding considerable value to business processes, you would not see leading software companies like SAP, Corel, Adobe, and now Mecanica embedding our 3D capabilities into their applications.” 

"The competitive landscape has created a need to produce and modify products at the speed of light,” says Mecanica vice president of business development Morty Smolash. “This is where PLM360 enhances our customers’ competitiveness. Our clients have asked us to help them improve time to market, while minimizing the problems of quality control, production errors, expensive recalls, and cost overruns associated with uncontrolled manual processes." PLM360’s proprietary semantic engine enables defining and managing data in ways that were previously unimaginable, he says.

The Right Hemisphere Visual Enterprise technology inside PLM360 will help organizations better leverage their intellectual property – namely their 3D design engineering assets – while distributing them securely and broadly throughout the extended enterprise, including supply chain partners, says a representative. The PLM360 solution also has an open architecture.