Red Giant Software Unveils Holomatrix
November 18, 2009

Red Giant Software Unveils Holomatrix

San Francisco, Calif. - ­ Red Giant Software has released Holomatrix, a new After Effects plug-in. Many science fiction feature films and TV shows feature holographic communication and interfaces. Red Giant Holomatrix enables users to recreate that effect with just a few clicks. The package includes 30 presets that turn ordinary footage into animated sci-fi holograms, mimics bad TV reception, and creates realistic-looking digital signage, says a company representative.
Designed by After Effects gurus Dan Ebberts and Aharon Rabinowitz, Holomatrix is available now for $99. Holomatrix is also being offered with Digieffects Damage for a total of $149 (save $49).

"My inspiration for Holomatrix began years ago when I was working on a hologram tutorial. It was very simple, and I was never really happy with the end result. The look I wanted required hours of setup work and animation time. But, thanks to Dan Ebberts and his coding skills, we're now able to turn hours of work into seconds. We're excited to share the product with you," said Aharon Rabinowitz, Director at All Bets Are Off Productions and Director of Marketing at Red Giant Software.

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Learn how to use Holomatrix with three introductory tutorials below:

1) Getting Started

2) Working with Corner Pinning and 3D

3) Working with the Transform Properties

Recreate the holographic looks you loved in sci-fi productions like Star Wars and Star Trek, or make your keyed actors look like the Hogwarts ghosts from Harry Potter. Great for logo treatments and other motion graphic elements.

Get your futuristic funk on with jerky, dystopic Blade Runner-like digital signage, enhance the look of your virtual heads-up displays with different effects and behaviors, or give your perfectly clean visuals a gritty, hyper-digital feel.

Video isn't always pretty -- kick it old school by giving your footage a "bad TV" look. With features like color noise, static, TV roll, image ghosting and color separation, you're ready to go from good to bad. Effects can be randomized, or you can keyframe the effect's on/off switches for total control.

Holomatrx supports After Effects CS3/4. The tool set is available for $99.

New Bundle: Red Giant Holomatrix and Digieffects Damage are available for $149 (Save $49). Digieffects Damage is a collection of four effects designed for postproduction professionals who want to create an extensive variety of digital and/or analog defects, errors, and artifacts in their footage. It supports Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Autodesk Combustion, and Boris RED.

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