Prime Focus Software Seeking Beta Testers for Deadline 4.0
November 2, 2009

Prime Focus Software Seeking Beta Testers for Deadline 4.0

Winnipeg, Canada - Prime Focus Software, the R&D arm of Prime Focus VFX, is actively recruiting visual effects facilities to participate in the Beta Testing program for Deadline 4.0. The soon-to-be-released version of the company's administration and rendering tool kit for Windows-, Linux-, and Mac OSX-based render farms
features a host of new upgrades, which beta testers will have the opportunity to experience first-hand.
Deadline provides render farms of all sizes flexibility and a range of management options. The latest version, Deadline 4.0, is scheduled for a late November release and will feature improved scalability and stability, an improved Mac OSX experience, and new software support for Autodesk Maya 2010, Autodesk Softimage 2010, Avid MetaFuze, and ffmpeg.

Deadline 4.0 will also include customizable themes for the user interface and will be compatible with Prime Focus Software's upcoming Deadline iPhone application, which will be available soon after the release of Deadline 4.0.

To learn more and to join the Deadline 4.0 Beta Program, contact: