Presagis Advances Capabilities for Modeling, Simulation
May 14, 2009

Presagis Advances Capabilities for Modeling, Simulation

Brussels, Belgium - Presagis, a provider of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) modeling, simulation, and embedded display graphics software, continues to demonstrate its commitment to helping customers eliminate integration barriers and realize the value of feature-rich development tools. Introducing new capabilities across its entire product portfolio (Terra Vista, Creator,Vega Prime, STAGE, VAPS XT, and AI.implant), Presagis remains committed to delivering on its promise of providing an open, flexible, and tightly integrated suite of development tools.
The growing need for complex scenario development to support applications such as unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) training and airport modeling is putting an incredible demand on system integrators,. says a company representative. The need for synthetic environments to include high-altitude, low-flight, detailed urban environments and large geographical landscapes in a single scenario involves vast amounts of data, skilled development, and lengthy project timelines. With new features, increased integration between its tools, and support for open standards, Presagis is working to ensure developers can leverage a unified suite of tools supporting content creation and human machine interface (HMI) development through to visualization and simulation. Based on open standards such as OpenFlight, TerraPage, and Common Database (CDB), recent and upcoming releases in the Presagis portfolio will enable developers to improve and enhance:
Content Creation
- Generate a CDB using Terra Vista 6.0 and CDB-compliant models with Creator 4.0
- Quickly create detailed airports and building interiors with Creator Airports and Creator Buildings modules
- Use OpenFlight and CDB content with STAGE to define simulation scenarios
- Leverage the deep integration of AI.implant with Presagis simulation and content creation applications to easily include artificial intelligence in any virtual environment
- Use SIM OneNet to bridge simulations within simulation networks (including to other non-M&S applications like Google Earth)
- Augment realism with improved aesthetics such as dynamic shadows in Vega Prime
HMI Development
- Create sophisticated 2D overlays and interfaces for a Vega Prime 3D scene with VAPS XT