Pixomono Opens Flagship Studio in L.A.
May 27, 2009

Pixomono Opens Flagship Studio in L.A.

Venice, Calif. - International visual effects company Pixomondo has opened a new flagship studio in Los Angeles, California. Extending its global reach, Pixomondo now has a worldwide network of studios located in Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, and Stuttgart, as well as London and Shanghai, from which it produces feature film, television, and commercial visual effects.
Situated in the creative heart of Venice, the new studio provides convenience and accessibility for Pixomondo’s studio clients in Hollywood and allows the company to tap into the talent pool of the L.A. market.

Pixomondo has also announced its 2009 visual effects production slate. The company has been awarded substantial work on the highly anticipated 2012 from director Roland Emmerich and recently delivered Ninja Assassin for director James McTeigue. Both films are set to release in late 2009.

After winning more than 700 pre-visualization shots on 2012 in 2008, Pixomondo set up a “stealth unit” in Venice to produce that work in proximity to the filmmakers. When Pixomondo was awarded a share of the film’s visual effects sequences in November, the company decided to commit to the location as a permanent flagship for its future feature film operations.

With its international experience and network of studios, Pixomondo has positioned itself with an efficient and collaborative workflow and a 24/7 production cycle across datelines and time zones. Pixomondo positions itself strategically in the early stages of project bidding to offer concept, design, and sequence visualization, distinguished by the turnaround speed with which it is able to produce a unique brand of highly dynamic pre-visualization, which was used extensively on 2012.