February 17, 2009

Okino Upgrades CAD Conversion System for SolidWorks 2009

Toronto, Canada - Coinciding with the SolidWorks World 2009 conference in Orlando, Okino Computer Graphics announced that its SolidWorks CAD conversion system has been updated for SolidWorks 2009. The conversion pipeline enables native SolidWorks BREP CAD assembly, part, and presentation files (disk-based or from a live running copy of SolidWorks) to be converted to all major animation and authoring packages, 3D downstream file formats, and VisSim programs.
Okino offers its SolidWorks conversion system, a CAD conversion solution, for enterprise and 3D professional companies. Its NuGraf and PolyTrans software imports crack-free geometry, hierarchy, and materials (assembly data) from native disk-based SolidWorks files or from a running copy of SolidWorks. It provides high-end rendering, viewing, and scene composition of the data, or optimizes the data and pipes it into major 3D file formats, animation packages, and third-party/OEM integrations. Most importantly, SolidWorks assemblies, parts, and presentations can be directly imported into all key animation systems, including Autodesk's 3ds Max and Maya, Softimage|XSI, Maxon's Cinema 4D, and NewTek's Lightwave, as well as any third-party product which integrates Okino's PolyTrans 3D converters and all major downstream file formats ranging from COLLADA to DWF-3D to SketchUp and more.

Artist: Christoph Bodensieck, © Industrial PDD & Switch Mobility.

Okino uses SolidWorks source code, or connects directly into the inner core of a running copy of SolidWorks, so the conversion process will result in crack free, technically accurate 3D models, says a representative. It does not employ intermediate file formats or hidden tool kits from unnamed companies. A typical complex CAD conversion process takes a few minutes or less, including full scene optimizations, reveals a representative.

Okino’s proprietary CAD optimization processor, integrated into each CAD importer, is reportedly the most complex aspect of the entire 3D CAD conversion software pipeline. Turn it on and it’ll wrangle large and unwieldy CAD assemblies into refined data sets for efficient animation, rendering, or interactive viewing.

Okino licenses, resells, and/or integrates its CAD conversion system with many OEM and third-party companies/products such as: 3DCreate (by Visual Components), Cinema 4D and its “Engineering Bundle” (by Maxon Computer), EON Reality, NGRAIN military training products, Pytha (by CATS Software), Quest-3D (by Act-3D), VirTools (“4DC” .nmo pipeline by Realicon), and others.

In addition to direct import of optimized SolidWorks CAD assemblies to the many Okino-supported 3D programs noted above, the CAD data can be converted into such common downstream 3D file formats as COLLADA, DirectX, DXF/DWG, DWF-3D, Electric Image FACT, FilmBox (FBX), HOOPS HSF, JT, Lightscape, Lightwave, NGRAIN, Open GL C Code, OpenFlight, PLY, POV Ray, Renderman RIB, Rhino-3D/OpenNURBS, Shockwave-3D (Adobe Director), SketchUp, STL, U3D, VET, VRML1/VRML2/X3D/SGI-Inventor2, Wavefront OBJ, XAML-3D, XGL, and 3D Studio .3ds.