Nvidia Quadro Processors Propel 3D Design to New Heights for AutoCAD 2010 Users
July 22, 2009

Nvidia Quadro Processors Propel 3D Design to New Heights for AutoCAD 2010 Users

Santa Clara, Calif. - Nvidia Corp. announced that the Nvidia Quadro line of professional solutions is now optimized for Autodesk AutoCAD 2010. Starting at less than $100, Quadro processors enable design professionals to create and interact with more complex 3D product designs, says a company representative.

In addition to maximizing productivity, the benefits of combining Quadro solutions with AutoCAD 2010 include quality and performance. Quadro processors enable up to a 5X performance increase in "3D Hidden" visual style and faster interactive manipulation of models in "Conceptual" and "Realistic" visual styles.

Quadro processors offer the ability to manipulate and interact with large scale models while working at the maximum visual quality that is necessary to render high-polygon 3D models precisely. The processors also offer higher image quality without sacrificing performance with AutoCAD smooth lines display, a Quadro-specific feature available through Nvidia's AutoCAD performance driver.

Nvidia nView advanced display software delivers maximum flexibility for single-large display or multidisplay options at resolutions up to 2560x1600 per display.

Nvidia's new performance drivers for AutoCAD 2010 are free and available for download from Nvidia's Web site. The drivers are available as either a standalone package or integrated in the latest graphics driver available from Nvidia.

Nvidia Quadro solutions range from $100 (for entry-level) to $3,000 (ultra high-end).