January 2, 2009

N-Sided Launches Tools for Virtual Worlds

Paris, France - N-Sided has launched a new offer based on QUIDAM tools and content, dedicated to the needs for avatars of virtual universes and massively multiplayer online games.
The 3D character creation software QUIDAM combines and merges various anatomical elements and clothes into one seamless model. One QUIDAM base is capable of creating thousands of unique 3D characters.

QUIDAM's features are dedicated to personal creation, offering natural and intuitive methods to sculpt and paint models, says a representative.
One of the most differentiating and recognized advantages of QUIDAM is its use in professional work environments. The QUIDAM character generator can export multiresolution models with meshes, textures, UV maps, bones, and skinning to Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max, NewTek LightWave, Maxon Cinema 4D, COLLADA, and more.

QUIDAM includes technology that accelerates avatar production. A unique geometric engine lets you search through large databases of body parts, clothes, props, etc., and then automatically merges all parts into one seamless model. The capacity to export multiresolution models, optimized for real-time animation and compatibility with all professional standards.

To create avatars for a virtual world, editors have to buy an Initial License that allows for a period of 12 months to:
- use QUIDAM 2 Studio, all export plug-ins, all Model Packs Pro on an unlimited number of seats (and get the products updates)
- integrate an unlimited number of avatars in the virtual world
- use 3 support tickets

Every year, editors are invited to Renew the License for 12 months.

Fees are settled depending on the number of Active Members, that is to say the number of members who logged into the virtual world at least once during the last 90 days before the anniversary date of the license (date of payment of the Initial License).