Maxon Forms Strategic Partnership with Developer of Py4D
December 18, 2009

Maxon Forms Strategic Partnership with Developer of Py4D

Friedrichsdorf, Germany - Maxon Computer, a developer of 3D modeling, painting, animation, and rendering solutions, announced a strategic partnership with Tuningchannel, the developers of Py4D. Py4D provides access to the Python programming language for Maxon’s 3D application Cinema 4D, giving users an easy way to further customize application functionality and optimize workflow.
Python is a powerful, open-source programming language with a comparatively simple learning curve. Python’s unique blend of simplicity and power excels in a wide range of software development tasks. Existing Python scripts and libraries can be utilized in any pipeline. Python also enables integration between software apps for the exchange of data and assets. Top production and engineering firms depend on Python every day.

Py4D is currently in open beta from Py4D and can access the majority of Cinema 4D’s functions. The goal of the strategic partnership between Maxon and Tuningchannel is to better integrate Py4D into Cinema 4D and bring the level of stability and ease of use to which Maxon customers have grown accustomed.

Access to the latest Py4D beta, including documentation, is available free of charge at The web site also offers a user forum and other resources.