March 18, 2009

Massive Insight Beta Available to Qualifying Engineers, Architects, Researchers

Auckland, New Zealand - Massive Software has introduced Massive Insight and issued a call for entries for an exclusive beta testing program. Massive Insight employs AI-driven agents that use naturalsenses, such as vision and hearing, to accurately simulate real-world behavior, and can be used to simulate any object or creature moving onearth--from pedestrian, planes, trains, and automobiles to insects and microbes.
Massive Insight has been tested in its Alpha form by global engineering firm ARUP (, which used it to simulate human behaviors for the new LACMA "Transformation" project, architected by Renzo Piano.

A white paper about Massive Insight by Wittasek has been accepted at the "International Symposium on Human Behavior in Fire," in Cambridge, England, July 2009.

Areas of use for Massive Insight include life safety, life sciences, pedestrian planning, transportation simulation, architectural design optimization, disaster prevention and recovery, environmental impact studies, consumer behavior research, and many more.

Another alpha user, BMT Asia (, deployed Massive Insight to study marine traffic in the Hong Kong harbor. Massive was selected for the project because of BMT Asia's recognition that human factors underpin the majority of ship-collision incidents. BMT's simulation included more than 15,000 vessel movements daily--everything from the world's largest container ships to high-speed ferries, tugboats, and sampans.

Massive encourages academic and commercial researchers, architects, engineers, and scientists to apply for participation in the Massive Insight beta program. Massive Insight will be made available to qualifying candidates upon review of applications. Applicants should use the Contact Us page of the Massive Web site to briefly describe their project: