Lightworks Awards Two Winners in Image Competition, Invites New Entries
December 2, 2009

Lightworks Awards Two Winners in Image Competition, Invites New Entries

Sheffield, U.K. -  Lightworks, supplier of rendering solutions for developers of advanced 3D computer graphics software, announced the results of the latest Lightworks Image Competition. Entries came from across the globe and the standard was as high, resulting in the judging committee on this occasion deciding upon joint winners: Alex Bonner and Marius Louw.

This lounge image was created bu Marius Louw in Caddie 14 and rendered with Vio, a Lightworks integrated render module. Materials used are mainly raster images used as materials and applied finishes and roughness to them, thus achieving the realistic finishes.

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Alex is a design engineer, working for JCB in England and his 4WD Teletruk image was created using Siemens PLM’s NX software. He used HDR lighting and ray tracing to add greater realism to his image entry. Marius is based in South Africa and he uses Caddie software from ACS for modelling alongside the Caddie Vio plug-in which incorporates Lightworks rendering technology.

On hearing the news that he had won, Alex Bonner comments: "Rendering using the Lightworks package in-built in Siemens NX allows me to quickly visualize existing and new designs to a high degree, traditionally where 'screen grabs' might have sufficed. The reduction in render times for high quality images allows the tools to be used daily rather than occasionally."

Marius adds, “Caddie Vio, the Lightworks based photorealistic rendering application for Caddie, has enabled me to take my renderings to a whole new level, creating images so convincing they often get mistaken for photographs. By using the extensive archive of life-like materials and textures that Lightworks provides, along with the subtle and realistic lighting effects for both internal and external settings, I’m able to create renders that have a very natural and authentic quality to them. For me, Caddie Vio with its Lightworks technology brought the whole 3D picture together, allowing me to bring my renders to life without the need for any post-processing.”

David Forrester, managing director at Lightworks, says: “We continue to be delighted by the high quality of images which users enter into our competition. The range of subjects, applications used and the geography of these users Illustrates just how varied our user base really is and how widely spread the use of Lightworks technology is within the computer graphics sector.”

Entry to the next quarter of the competition is already open and Lightworks users are encouraged to send in their entries before the closing date of 31 December 2009.