Kickstand Opens Animation and Research Development Company in New York City
June 4, 2009

Kickstand Opens Animation and Research Development Company in New York City

Brooklyn, N.Y. -Kickstand LLC, a character animation and research development studio committedto “moving animation beyond the imagination,” has opened its doors in Brooklyn,New York. The brainchild of technical directors (TDs) with experience workingin fast-paced production environments, such as DreamWorks Animation andCharlex, Kickstand delivers commercial software products, consulting, andproduct development services for the visual effects, game production, featurefilm, and television industries.
"Our team is committed to delivering innovative technology that maximizes productivity in all stages of the production pipeline," says Rob O'Neill, executive producer, Kickstand. "We believe artists and animators need to spend their time being creative, not worrying about how to streamline workflow."

With commercial software for surface deformations and workflow enh ancement currently in development, Kickstand plans to enhance character animation using Autodesk Maya software. In addition, the company offers custom plug-in creation, pipeline research and development, 3D content and asset design, character modeling and rigging, and pre-production and pitch development services.

The Kickstand founders, having a combined 30 years of industry experience, understand the demands of working in feature film, commercial, broadcast, and game production, says a representative. Daniel Dawson leads the Character Technology Division at Kickstand and has served as character technical director at companies such as DreamWorks Animation and Sega Sports. Heading the Studio Tools Division at Kickstand is Greg Elshoff, who developed a patented pipeline for Launch, New York. Rob O'Neill, a former character TD at DreamWorks Animation, is spearheading the Research and Development Division at Kickstand.