Introducing Knoll 3D Flare (Beta)
December 21, 2009

Introducing Knoll 3D Flare (Beta)

San Francisco, Calif. - ­ Red Giant Software has released Knoll 3D Flare (Beta), a new free set of tools that allows you to easily create Knoll Lens Flares in After Effects 3D space. This add-on for Knoll Light Factory Pro 2.5 in After Effects includes fantastic features like Edge flare-ups, color linking, Z-depth intensity, and full 3D obscuration. 
Features include:

3D Camera Aware: Link a lens flares to a 3D Light's XYZ position.

Z-Depth: Distance of flare from camera effects flare's intensity.

Color Linking: Light color effects flare color.

Intensity Linking: Light intensity effects flare's intensity.

Multiple Lights: Apply to every light in your comp.

World Scale: Control the amount of flare scaling relative to a light's distance from the camera

Edge Flareup: As flares near the edge of the comp they automatically brighten and flareup replicating natural lens phenomena.

Full 3D Obscuration: All 3D layers in your composition can be used to obscure the flare. As the 3D light travels behind a layer, the flare dims and goes out.

Full RGB Obscuration: As the flare passes behind one or many semi-transparent layers, it mixes the layer colors into the flare.

Watch a tutorial on Knoll 3D Flare.

Download Knoll 3D Flare.

Download a trial version of Knoll Light Factory Pro

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