March 4, 2009

Imagineer Systems Debuts mocha, mocha shape for After Effects

Guildford, UK - One month after committing to new product development and renewed innovation for accessible desktop VFX tools, Imagineer Systems is announcing two new developments for the After Effects Community. With this announcement, Imagineer Systems is enhancing its mocha for AfterEffects. The company also is introducing its new VFX plug in solution, mochashape for After Effects.
Mocha for After Effects v2 is an upgrade to the company's tracking tool for Adobe After Effects. The latest edition adds new capabilities,
such as export of rotoscoping shape data and improved tracking data export. Specifically, mocha for After Effects v2: exports any resolution, per point variable edge width roto shape data in the mocha shape format; allows users to export tracking data as After Effects CornerPin with motion blur; is compatible with Adobe After Effects CS3 and CS4.

Mocha shape for After Effects is a plug-in solution designed to import rotoscoping shape data directly into After Effects from any Imagineer
Systems VFX tool. Mocha shape is designed to import rotoscoping shape data exported from any Imagineer product into Adobe After Effects. With a simple copy and paste, After Effects artists can import multi-layer shape data with variable, per point edge feathering with out rendering. This capability helps save render time and streamline the workflow between Imagineer's products and After Effects. Mocha shape is available as both single and multi-seat licenses, making it affordable for both individuals and facilities.

Mocha shape for After Effects is compatible with mocha for After Effects v2.

Both mocha for After Effects v2 and mocha shape for After Effects have completed beta testing and are available from