April 15, 2009

IGCEAST Conference Offers Sessions for Indie Studios Developing Console, Flash, Casual Games

Boston - The Independent Game Conference East (IGCEAST) has launched in Boston. The two-day conference will be held May 7 and 8 at the Northeastern University campus in Boston. Studio heads and technical staff from around the country will share what they’ve learned from years in the business, and publishers can see the hottest games in development by rising stars in the video game industry, says a representative. Professionals can also take advantage of career counseling; and companies looking to hire can interview job-seeking candidates.
Business and marketing sessions scheduled include:
* Indies, Microtrans, and MMOs by Aaron Murray, Tandem Games
* How To Build Games, Make Your Company Successful And Still Have a Life: Brett Close, 38 Studios
* How to Maximize PR for Your Games, Sue Bohle, The Bohle Company
* Networking for Indies, a panel featuring Darius Kazemi, Orbus Gameworks; Scott Macmillian , Macguffin Games; and Sam Houston, gamerDNA.com.

Other business sessions will include speakers on law and IP; finding funding and focus group testing.

Technical Track sessions include:
* Synopsis for Rapid and Iterative Prototyping, or How to Rip Off Dinosaur Comics, featuring Eitan Glinert and Ethan Fenn, Fire Hose Games
* The Network Ate My Game: programming for latency in online multiplayer games, Judy Tyrer, Red Storm Entertainment
* Music as an Element of Game Design, Duncan Watt, Fastestmanintheworld
* Stone Soup and Story Engines: Can 1000 Authors Create a Tasty RPG?, William Ferguson, BBN Technologies
* Creating Games and Funware for the iPhone, Ravi Mehta, Viximo Studios
* Steal this Idea! Philip Tan, Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab

During IGCEAST Game Demo Night, attendees can show off their latest games to publishers, peers, and press. Registration for Game Demo Night is free with conference admission, but space is limited.

A job fair sponsored by Mary-Margaret Network will provide an opportunity for industry talent and hiring companies to engage and network. Job fair attendees can post resumes on the Mary-Margaret Network Web site for conference exhibitors to view ahead of time.