Hyperfocal Design Unveils VHDRI Skies Collection
June 1, 2009

Hyperfocal Design Unveils VHDRI Skies Collection

Australia, SA - Digital Art developer Hyperfocal Design has introduced its Very High Dynamic RangeSkies collection. The sky panoramas in VHDRI Skies boast 14,000 x 7,000 pixels with super-high dynamic range--up to 17 stops.
VHDRIs is the first product in what Hyperfocal plans to be its V Series of products, which will feature high-resolution, super-high dynamic range, and image quality.

Chris Nichols, author of Global Illumination: Exteriors and Interiors from Gnomon Workshop says: "These VHDRIs by Hyperfocal Design are different from most HDRI libraries in that they are created with a very high dynamic range exposure which is ideal for really accurate lighting."

VHDRI Skies is available at Hyperfocal's VMstore either as a physical or downloadable product, and retails for $297.