FlickerLab, Gonzoft Television Animation Merge, Form FlickerLab LLC
October 14, 2009

FlickerLab, Gonzoft Television Animation Merge, Form FlickerLab LLC

New York City - In the wake of an eighteen-month partnership designed to launch Gonzoft Television Animation’s live animation software in the U.S., FlickerLab and Gonzoft have agreed to merge. FlickerLab, LLC will formally announce the new company at MIPCOM, the world’s entertainment content market, in Cannes France, October 5, where they will also present a range of products. The new company will operate from both New York and Copenhagen.
FlickerLab is a creative company that has created a wide range of animation, live-action, interactive and mixed media content throughout the world for film, TV, Internet and cross-media. The company is committed to, and focuses on, socially and environmentally conscious media and the building of sustainable media brands.

FlickerLab recently teamed with Academy Award-winning Director Michael Moore to create an animated segment for his feature film Capitalism: A Love Story. The company has also created animation and graphics for Moore’s last three films - a cartoon for Bowling for Columbine, and graphics and design for both Fahrenheit 9/11 and Sicko, three of the top five highest-grossing documentaries of all time. FlickerLab’s portfolio also includes an animated campaign for Al Gore's Repower America; two animated pilots for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim; a viral short for Planned Parenthood; a series of live-action and animated DVD’s for Hooked on Phonics; a weekly online animated show for Sports Illustrated; In addition, FlickerLab’s portfolio includes high profile work for media and entertainment companies including A&E Networks, Bravo, Discovery Home, Disney Channel, Lifetime, Lions Gate Productions, MTV, Nickelodeon, Planned Parenthood, The Cartoon Network and The WB, and product/service companies including Bassat Ogilvy, Continental Airlines, Grey Worldwide, Johnson & Johnson, McCann Erickson, Microsoft, and Procter & Gamble, among many others.

Gonzoft Television Animation is best known for productions including The Nelly Nut Show, Mad Cow Room, KatjaKaj and BentBent, Mira + Marie, and the development of TV, broadcast and animation tools. Now FlickerLab Copenhagen, their creative team will focus on developing tools and technologies for the production of content for film, television and the Internet.

As Harold Moss, Director of FlickerLab puts it, "Gonzoft Television Animation and Tom Vedel have developed a creative animation toolset unique in the industry. We look forward to creating entirely new and groundbreaking projects with Tom."

On the merger, Tom Vedel adds, “This means that we will be bringing additional resources and markets to bear on the further development of the platform and that together we can generate new and exciting projects and products.”

The two powerhouses that comprise the new FlickerLab, LLC have created thousands of hours of original content will focus their energies on the creation of unique and compelling content and will use their proprietary real-time animation technology, user generated content solutions and interactive know-how to create content that educates, inspires and transforms. These original content creators not only have the vision to transform with their media, but also the technology to do it in a rapidly changing media marketplace.

The new company comes out of the gate with its first production, a marquee property called The Wild Life, an animated series of twenty-six five-minute episodes, targeting 8-12 year-olds that teaches kids about climate change. The series is produced using the company’s proprietary real time animation software, GO. Viewers are also able to use Animtoon®, FlickerLab’s kid generated animation software, to make their own broadcast ready Climate Cartoons with a library of every character and prop featured in the series. The Wild Life debuts on Denmark's TV2 this week as Climate Cartoons - Make Your Own Cartoon.

FlickerLab is also bringing to market two additional animated series. The Nelly Nut Show, which includes 104 30-minute episodes, is a lively animated program starring nine-year-old bundle of boundless energy, Nelly Nut and her BFF, the wise and cuddly Miss Bunny (who is neither a bunny nor a miss, but that’s a long story). Nelly and Miss Bunny play host to a wacky variety show filled with short sketches, live interviews, viewer call-ins and interactive games.

Jukebox TV is a fully automated, interactive TV show that, once it is set up, is run completely by one unmanned computer. Jukebox is comprised of 140 30-minute customizable music video shows which allow viewers to use their phones or go online to select which videos will play, vote for the hit-list and chat and comment live on screen.