Eyeon Software Launches Fusion 6.0
June 19, 2009

Eyeon Software Launches Fusion 6.0

Toronto, Canada - Eyeon Software Inc. announced the availability of its Fusion 6.0 node-based compositing application as an Open Release Candidate. Optimized for the latest processing and graphics card technologies, Fusion 6 offers improved performance, along with new features and capabilities, including full support for stereoscopic content, Region of Interest/Domain of Definition (RoI/DoD), interface refinements, expanded 2D and 3D tool sets, and more.

Significant portions of the code for Fusion 6 have been re-written for the new generation of multi-core processors, says a representative. A new GPU core for accelerated performance and GPU-based production-quality, floating-point rendering has been added. 

The application also features a new color matrix tool, expanded spline-smoothing tools, and enhanced spline controls. Fusion 6 offers support for concatenated 3D LUTs and an all-new material system, which enables users to build their own custom shaders.

Fusion 6 delivers stereoscopic imaging tools, including camera controls for eye separation, convergence, and support for stereo display technologies, such as IZ3D and True3Di monitors, shutter glasses, and anaglyph production.

Fusion 6 also offers RED file format support, including both 32-bit and 64-bit, and real-time .r3d proxy loading.