Evolver.com Automates 3D Avatar, Digital Clone Creation
July 22, 2009

Evolver.com Automates 3D Avatar, Digital Clone Creation

Aliso Viejo, Calif. - Evolver has launched a Web site where visitors can create and export 3D avatars and clones in little time using various slider and selection functions offering a wide range of creative latitude.

Evolver delivers 3D characters designed for a range of uses.  The site is designed with a simple and user friendly interface, making it easy for anyone to create a 3D avatar or clone quickly and for free. It is exportable for use in virtual worlds, social networks, animations, and more. More advanced 3D artists can save hours of production time by generating original Evolver characters and exporting high-resolution models fully rigged for animation, for a small fraction of the cost of creating comparable models from scratch, says a representative.

With Evolver, an assortment of men, women, children, and creatures can be created by combining and morphing physical attributes derived from a "virtual gene pool" of pre-built characters. Features from these pre-built characters can be blended and tweaked in a number of ways to create a unique character in Evolver each time. Facial features, including overall face, eyes, ears, mouth, chin, nose, and cheeks, and physical attributes including overall body, arms, shoulders, chest, stomach, hips, and legs, can be customized along with skin tone, eye color, and hair. 

Users can also upload a headshot photo that meets a simple set of specifications into Evolver to create a custom 3D clone. The user can then make subtle or major changes to the "clone" avatar by tweaking the facial and physical attributes. Evolver also includes a complete library of clothing options to give each character an individual style.

Evolver models are instantly transportable for free to virtual worlds, and exported with animations, as GIF files, or wallpaper to post on more than 26 social networking sites, including Facebook, MySpace, or Blogger.  Specifically optimized versions of 3D avatars or clones can be purchased for use in many popular online games and virtual worlds. Pro users and hobbyists can also custom tweak Evolver model source data to export to off-the-shelf 3D applications, such as Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, and Softimage for further customization. These characters can be transported automatically into a range of third-party applications due to the proprietary process in which Evolver generates a custom animation "rig" for each Evolver Avatar.

Models for professional use can be exported for an introductory price of $39 rigged for full-body animation; an additional $30 (introductory pricing) for facial blendshapes is available as an option as well.

Evolver is the flagship product of Darwin Dimensions Inc.

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