Dosch Design Debuts Lighting Scenes
May 27, 2009

Dosch Design Debuts Lighting Scenes

Marktheidenfeld, Germany - What has so far been the exclusive domain of commercial photographers has now moved within reach of users of 3D programs, reveals a Dosch Design representative. With the assistance of the brand-new Dosch HDRI: Outdoor Lighting, realistic outdoor lighting scenes can be created without requiring elaborate and expensive photo shoots. All scenes were created by professional photographers for the use of virtual human models and characters, and they permit realistic illumination results.
Users can choose from 33 standardized photo setups with various degrees of sunlight, reflector use, and other lighting-impacting effects such as diffusor, black cloth, and more. The images were captured with High Dynamic Range technology and feature varying illumination from all possible camera angles, providing the user with an array of options. Used lighting variations include: strength and color of impacting direct light, gold and/or silver reflector, diffusor, black/white cloth, as well as differing real-light conditions (sun, haze, clouds, twilight). This results in a broad spectrum of effects, offering the user an amazing diversity of lighting options.

Each of the 33 scenes can be rotated 360 degrees, and combined with other parameter settings -- translating into thousands of lighting options from just one scene.

The product is now available for $149.