Digital Vision Unveils Nucoda 2009 Upgrades
October 14, 2009

Digital Vision Unveils Nucoda 2009 Upgrades

Stockholm - Digital Vision, maker of high-quality picture enhancement and color grading systems, has unveiled a software development milestone for its 2009 Nucoda Platform. The upgrades include features that simplify the creative process, add new tools, and address the industry’s increasing use of stereoscopic content. The new features are available now, with even further development expected by the end of the year.
Digital Vision’s industry-leading image scientists undertook the development process for features based upon Digital Vision’s extensive, ongoing dialogue with customers, users, and content creators. The new release addresses a deeply researched wish list from the professional community.

With increased demand for stereoscopic content on the rise, the 2009 release provides clients with a toolset that includes end-to-end project management, playback and monitoring for stereo projects. Supported by industry partners that include NVIDIA and Centaurus, Nucoda 2009 color grading tools enable time saving grading and synchronous workflow for Left Eye/Right Eye footage with impeccable management of every 3D acquisition format.

Formulated and designed for intuitive use by colorists, the new automatic tracker includes automatic tracking of shapes and layers, full tactile control from the control panel, and full rotational, scaling, and predictive tracking, says a representative. With this new functionality the colorist can create shapes and automatically have them animated smoothly through scenes and layers, which presents time savings.

Combined with Digital Vision’s color grading and enhancement toolsets, the ASC CDL tools (available everywhere in the processing pipeline), floating point processing, native support of the Open EXR file enable virtually limitless high dynamic range grading and greater color precision. Additional tools in 2009 also include a new channel mixer, layer input saturation and a gang grouping/grading tool to synchronize color correction decisions across scenes and layers.

The 2009 release enhances the editing of timeline segments, the moving of clips, and new cut and paste functionality. The precision of edits are managed with additional bookmark features, new scene edit tools, and the flexibility of BL/AUX conform and increased interoperability with major professional editing systems.