Digieffects Debuts Warping Tool for After Effects
May 6, 2009

Digieffects Debuts Warping Tool for After Effects

Wilmington, N.C. ­ - ­ Digieffects, a developer of visual effects software plug-ins, announced that its FreeForm AE is available for purchase. FreeForm AE, a plug-in for Adobe After Effects, is an intuitive and robust warping tool that allows users to manipulate a flat object into almost any shape using a mesh in 3D space.
The new offering boasts:

3D Functionality: The same power and control of 3D applications right inside After Effects.

Control: All controls for manipulation are right inside the After Effects comp window.

Speed: Powered by a proprietary, full 3D rendering engine to provide beautiful, high-quality renders fast.

Never leave After Effects: Makes it easy to create 3D effects which previously required a dedicated 3D program or high-end workstation.

Depth, Dimensions, and Displacement: True 3D displacement mapping.

Picks up where After Effects ends: Bend, twist, distort, shape layers right in the After Effects comp window.

Presets: Ships with dozens of presets to save time.

FreeForm AE, priced at $299, is available directly from Digieffects as well as its distributor and reseller partners. FreeForm AE is compatible with Adobe After Effects CS3 and CS4 and runs on Mac PPC, Mac Intel, and Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems.