CyberGlove Systems Hosts Worldwide Contest for New Motion-Capture Technology Applications
July 28, 2009

CyberGlove Systems Hosts Worldwide Contest for New Motion-Capture Technology Applications

San Jose, Calif. - CyberGlove Systems LLC is hosting a worldwide contest for the best new industry application of its hand-centric motion capture and haptic products. The winner of this contest will receive his/her choice of one of the company's products for free use for 12 months to develop his/her winning industry-application concept! Winners will be chosen based on their submitted essays, which are due on September 4, 2009.

"This is a terrific opportunity for innovative individuals to think about new and exciting ways with which to use our technology," says Faisal Yazadi, CEO of CyberGlove Systems. As computer hardware and software technologies continue to advance, and as the cost benefits of virtual reality continue to be recognized, new markets are sure to evolve for motion capture and haptic force feedback products.

Current industry applications include: motion capture, industrial engineering, and academic research; however, there remain several niche applications unexplored within these broad categories as well as new applications in medical, telerobotics, and military applications not yet considered, says a representative.

Applicants should visit the company's Web site to learn more about the contest, and may complete their application online or contact the company directly to mail their applications, which are due September 4, 2009. "We expect several applicants from around the world, and will evaluate each idea on its own merit," says Paul Sanchez, director of marketing at CyberGlove Systems.

Ideal contestants will explain which CyberGlove product they intend to use, how potential customers will use the product, what industry and its market size, and why they believe this new application will be a success.

For more information, including contest rules and requirements, visit the online entry form at