February 12, 2009

Cubix Debuts Secure Visualization Blade Technology

Carson City, Nev. - Cubix Corp. is shipping its secure, high-performance blade workstation/virtual PC solutions for 3DCAD/MCAD, CAE, and 3D GIS customers.
Cubix's Secure Visualization Blade technology offers the centralized application and hardware management benefits of virtual PC technology, but without the graphics performance penalties and limited display support associated with thin-client, PC-over-IP, and virtual PC deployments, says a representative.

Cubix Secure Visualization Blades enable 3D CAD/MCAD operators to reduce PC footprint, noise, and heat for both commercial and government 3D graphics applications. The solution incorporates a high-bandwidth interface link between host blade PC and the remote operator's desktop.

The high-performance PC workstation is said to deliver no latency, mouse ghosting, or signal attenuation issues, as well as no loss of accuracy with design data since Cubix's technology processes uncompressed 3D graphics images at the operator's desktop. The workstation is designed to enhance the CAD technician's productivity, reduce general overhead expenses and support costs, ­ and we can do it at a price that is cost-competitive with blade computing/thin-client solutions.

Cubix can integrate a consumer-grade product or discrete workstation graphics cards into the LaserCube remote client in order to support whatever file size, number of displays, and resolution the customer's application requires.

The system boasts support for PCI Express x16 adapters. The blade portion of the SVB, LaserBlade, ships with the latest Intel chipsets, with motherboards featuring Core 2 Quad, Core i7, and Quad Core Xeon processors. PCIe, PCI-X, and PCI expansion slots are available options for use with industry-standard I/O controllers. The entire system can be remotely managed with a single CubixVision remote manager.