March 4, 2009

Cosateq Presents New PCI-interface Card for the ARINC429 Bus

Wangen, Germany - Cosateq, a software and hardware specialist, is introducing its first hardware PCI-interface card. The CO-PCIA429 card enables a quick and cost-efficient connection of a standard PC System to control units, actuators, and sensors over ARINC429; it may be used in the various applications, such as controlling, simulation, or visualization. The CO-PCIA429 is optimized for operation in real-time systems. Communication and caching over PCI is optimized for a small overhead, while providing the engineer full control over the ARINC429 bus system.
The CO-PCIA429 card is available in three versions:
- CO-PCIA429/4 with 4 transmitter and 4 receiver
- CO-PCIA429/8 with 8 transmitter and 8 receiver
- CO-PCIA429/16 with 16 transmitter and 16 receiver

All channels may be configured independently. Every TX-channel is designed with 24 transmit and the RX channel with 36 receive buffers. For received messages, a time stamp with a resolution of 60µs is provided.

The CO-PCIA429 PCI interface card is supported by the Linux (Kernel 2.6) and real-time simulation environment SCALE-RT. The new SCALE-RT version 5.0 includes drivers for the CO-PCIA429 card for seamless and easy installation with SCALE-RT real-time simulation environment, especially for users not familiar with Linux. Integration of Microsoft Windows and LabView is coming soon.

SCALE-RT 5.0 comprises extensions for the simulation front-end Matlab/Simulink within the scope of supply; it enables easy integration of the CO-PCIA429 card in existing and new real-time simulation systems.