Caringo CAStor 3.0 Now Shipping
June 24, 2009

Caringo CAStor 3.0 Now Shipping

Austin, Texas - Caringo Inc., a provider of content storage software enabling clustered storage for active and archive content, today announced volume shipments of its new CAStor 3.0 “Cluster in a Box” software. The solution helps create scalable, self-managing, clustered content storage that suits cloud and scalable, file storage infrastructures. Version 3.0 enables a virtual CAStor storage cluster to be used with one multi-core server.

CAStor 3.0 makes use of today’s high-density servers that ship with as many as 24 hard drives. Users can assign one or more drives to each virtual CAStor node in a single, physical server chassis using multi-core processors to maximize performance and efficiency. This “Cluster in a Box” model improves use of existing resources and minimizes the number of servers required, reducing power and floor space utilization.

CAStor is object-based storage software that seamlessly scales from 1 terabyte to petabytes and is simple to administer, says a representative. It provides the flexibility to build an affordable clustered storage infrastructure using standard server hardware. The built-in archive feature of CAStor ensures content retention and preservation to meet government compliance and legal requirements. Combined with the Content Router, Caringo provides automated and intelligent, rules-based content distribution to round out a complete content storage architecture.

Four terabytes of free CAStor software is available for download at and requires a single multi-core server to start.

CAStor 3.0 includes an updated and streamlined administrative console with simple cluster-wide management of physical and virtual storage nodes. Its standard HTTP interface seamlessly integrates with web applications and business applications such as e-mail archiving, enterprise content management (ECM), medical imaging and genomic research.