Bunkspeed Introduces HyperShot ’10
September 30, 2009

Bunkspeed Introduces HyperShot ’10

Los Angeles, Calif. - Bunkspeed introduces HyperShot ’10, the new release of the patent-pending, real-time rendering application that was introduced two years ago. Completely redesigned for both Windows and Mac OS X, HyperShot ’10 was demonstrated to a crowd of designers at the IDSA International Conference held in Miami, Florida, last week. HyperShot ’10 will ship in the Fall of 2009.
HyperShot is the first digital camera for 3D data. Using scientifically accurate materials and real-world lighting in real-time, the patent-pending application gives professionals involved with 3D data the ability to create photographic images in a matter of minutes, independent of the size of the digital model.

HyperShot ’10 feature highlights include:
All new, state-of-the art user interface using latest UI development libraries provided by Apple and Microsoft
Customizable toolbars and layout
Floating window palette
Asset Library Arrangement and organization of assets (materials, textures, environments) in one single place
Drag and Drop directly from the library into the scene
Tool Palette Clean reorganization of all tools with all new capabilities
Standard naming conventions
Visual representation of environment, backplate, textures
Improved interactivity with scene with real-time feedback Sliders with real-time feedback
Widgets for object movement
Drag and drop interaction

While the Windows version of HyperShot ’10 is still being fine-tuned, the Mac version has been put in the hand of a number of Bunkspeed’s clients for Beta testing.

HyperShot ’10 will be available for purchase in Q4 of 2009.