Bunkspeed Introduces HDR Image Library
July 9, 2009

Bunkspeed Introduces HDR Image Library

Los Angeles, Calif. - Bunkspeed has introduced what it is calling the industry's largest, royalty-free High Dynamic Range Image (HDRI) library, with matching photographs of the location in which the HDRIs were taken. All HDRIs and photographs take advantage of HyperShot, the world’s first digital camera for 3D data, says a company representative.
Bunkspeed’s HDR Image library offers a large variety of images from locations around the world, and new locations are added on a regular basis. Bunkspeed is also offering photography services to clients who are interested in photographing locations to meet their specific needs.

HyperShot is the first digital camera for 3D data. Using scientifically accurate materials and real-world lighting, the patent-pending application gives artists involved with 3D data the ability to create photographic images in a matter of minutes.

“The HDRI Library is an important step in our mission to provide a ‘one stop shop’ for rendering needs,” says Philip Lunn, CEO and founder of Bunkspeed. “With HyperShot, we made it easy to visualize and evaluate your design along with various colors, materials, and finishes under different light conditions. Now we added a huge amount of lighting environments, to give even more flexibility in your creative workflow.”

Registration for Bunkspeed’s HDRI library is free. To purchase HDRIs and photographs, Bunkspeed introduced Bunkspeed Credits: Clients purchase credits by using a credit card. These credits can then be used towards the purchase of any image. In addition to the Bunkspeed credits, companies can also opt for a subscription plan.