January 22, 2009

Barco Develops Car Styling Visualization system for Daimler

Sindelfingen, Germany - Barco, a developer of visualization solutions, installed a high-end, six-channel display system for car manufacturer Daimler AG to be used for exterior and interior design review, analysis, and presentation of both monoscopic and 3D stereo visuals. In addition, Barco developed a single-channel display wall with the same image height for presenting additional designs. Both systems feature Windows desktop integration with Barco software to enhance collaboration.
Daimler was looking for a new visualization system that would its highest demands, and also be futureproof. After intense demonstrations at the Barco headquarters and on site at Daimler AG in Sindelfingen, Daimler AG opted for a six-channel MegaCADWall system based on Barco’s new Galaxy NH-12 projectors.

Image quality in general and color, brightness uniformity, and resolution in particular were important to the car manufacturer. “The multichannel setup we developed,” says Dirk De Meulemeester, Barco project manager for Daimler, “presented one seamless image without visible color and brightness differences. The six-channel MegaCADWall designed for Daimler AG not only has excellent image uniformity, but also features an extremely high pixel density of 1.26mm per pixel.”

Barco’s 1080p HD, 12,000 lumens, three-chip DLP Galaxy NH-12 projector that powers the MegaCADWall comes equipped for active 3D stereo. It has the necessary features on board that enable multichannel operation. Edge blending eliminates blurry overlap zones where projections converge, while DynaColor and linked constant light output (CLO) match color and brightness differences, to create a flawless composite image. In addition, the system’s image quality is preserved by Barco’s superflat high-contrast screen.

The entire display is piloted by Barco’s XDS-1000 display management system. The XDS-1000 creates a widescreen Windows desktop across the 6m-wide image. Through its XDS Control Center software, the display’s users can view a multitude of local or networked sources simultaneously. This includes synchronous display of 3D stereo and 2D sources, or up to six 3D stereo sources. Users control the display wall with keyboard and mouse, and can resize, move, or make source windows overlap. Viewing multiple sources simultaneously enables Daimler’s design teams to compare several designs at once, which increases the pace of decision-making.

The second display is used for visualization of additional design reviews and presentation, and will be driven by a single NH-12 projector. Like the larger display system next to it, the NH-12 features the same Windows desktop integration capabilities through Barco’s XDS Control Center suite. This renders operation on both systems the same, and lowers the threshold for users to make full use of their extensive multi-windowing capabilities.