Autodesk University 2009 Featured mental images iray Demo on Boxx Systems
December 9, 2009

Autodesk University 2009 Featured mental images iray Demo on Boxx Systems

Austin, Texas - Boxx Technologies, maker of high-performance computing systems for visual effects, postproduction, graphic design, and advanced visualization, announced that its 3DBoxx 8500 workstation served as the hardware platform for the demonstration of iray, the first fully GPU accelerated, turnkey rendering solution for 3D applications, at Autodesk University 2009. AU 2009 in Las Vegas marked the world’s largest gathering of Autodesk developers and strategic partners, offering classes and keynotes, as well as the latest hardware, software, and service technology.
Developed by mental images, an Nvidia company, iray uses Nvidia Tesla graphics processing units (GPUs) to produce interactive, photorealistic images utilizing high-performance global illumination rendering technology. Iray accelerates the creative process by enabling designers to accurately simulate their creations using materials and lighting that relate directly to the physical world. Interactive, physically accurate, and highly scalable, iray provides design and engineering professionals with the highest quality final-frame output without the complexity found in other solutions.

At AU ’09, iray was supported by the 3DBoxx 8500, an Intel Xeon dual processor workstation that features high-powered, multitasking performance for 3D design, animation, rendering, visualization applications, VFX compositing, and more.

In addition to 3DBoxx workstations, Boxx offers purpose-built, renderBoxx dedicated rendering solutions, with the introduction of more rendering innovations to arrive in coming months.