ArtVPS Debuts Shaderlight for Interactive Rendering
June 11, 2009

ArtVPS Debuts Shaderlight for Interactive Rendering

Cambridge, UK - ArtVPS has made Shaderlight, its new interactive rendering technology, available for free download. Shaderlight is designed to deliver productivity and creativity improvements over traditional ray-trace rendering engines. Shaderlight is a plug-in for 3ds Max, a 3D modeling tool from Autodesk, and is free to download from

Shaderlight is a physically based ray-trace renderer that enables 3D artists and visualization specialists to make changes to key image attributes at any stage of the rendering process - even on production quality images - without having to restart the render. 

Shaderlight enables users to see the progressive refinement of a scene when objects or camera angles are altered, and allows them to make interactive changes to materials, environments, lights, and textures (the MELT elements) on full-quality 3D images. Also, Shaderlight’s approach to global illumination (GI) enables light, color, and intensity to be updated on screen without the need to re-render.

"As a CG artist I often have to work with clients who have no real idea of how long even the slightest change to an image can take to re-render," says Olaf Finkbeiner, CGI operator at Mainworks GmbH Germany and a member of the Shaderlight Product Steering Committee. "The ability to make changes to materials or environments on a final image would save us days of re-rendering and in this industry time is money."

Shaderlight 0.1 is available now as a free download from, where users can also share feedback, both with each other and with the ArtVPS development team.