AJA Moves to New Custom-Built Grass Valley Facility
October 15, 2009

AJA Moves to New Custom-Built Grass Valley Facility

Grass Valley, Calif. - AJA Video Systems, a manufacturer of professional video interface and conversion solutions, moves into its new corporate campus, custom-built to AJA's specifications in the heart of Grass Valley, California.
AJA, founded in 1993, worked closely with local architects Jeff Gold and Associates for two years to design a facility tailored to serve the company's needs. The purpose-built 44,000 square-foot main building comprises manufacturing on the lower floor, with corporate, sales, and administrative offices on the main floor. A second 22,000-square-foot custom building houses the engineering, QA, and technical support teams.

"We are really pleased that AJA Video Systems is committed to staying in Grass Valley, delivering solid high-paying jobs in the technology sector, and as a result benefiting local families and contributing to the overall growth of our community. The new AJA campus buildings make a beautiful addition to the city," says Grass Valley, Calif. Mayor Lisa Swarthout.

"It was important for AJA to stay in Grass Valley. Most of our employees live in the area, and with these new buildings we're able to accommodate the growth we anticipate in the coming years with expanded product lines and new markets," says John Abt, founder and CEO, AJA Video Systems.

"These new buildings are designed to centralize and streamline all processes of the company so that functional groups are put into certain areas based on their interactions with other departments within the
organization," says Nick Rashby, president, AJA Video Systems.

Each of the buildings is designed with sophisticated IT and video infrastructures to support current and future technology needs, says a representative. Eco-friendly building materials and building processes were deployed as much as possible in the new energy-efficient buildings.