February 22, 2008

ZCam from 3DV Systems

3DV Systems is showcasing its real-time, depth-sensing camera, ZCam, at GDC. The new camera has the potential to change human-machine interfaces with its fine gesture recognition capability, in industries such as video games, security, media management, computing, consumer electronics, automotive, and robotics. From a games’ standpoint, ZCam offers immersion in the interactive experience. As gamers become the interface, the game design will determine how the inputs work: Motion can be navigated with a thumb, or the entire body can become the controller through 3D movement.
The player can be represented in the game with his/her own real-time image and the game can be operated either bare-handed or with a designated object, replacing the need for a control pad.

At Booth 6545 NH, attendees can try out ZCam’s gesture-based demos and learn how the camera works.