July 22, 2008

Xsens Updates Moven

Enschede, The Netherlands - Xsens Technologies, creator ofthe camera-less motion-capture solution Moven, has released an update of Moven Studio, its motion-capture software.
Moven Studio is intuitive software that easily records motion-capture dataand provides real-time visualization, playback and editing functionalities. Moven Studio files can be exported to industry-standard file formats, such as.FBX and .BVH. Import templates, scripts, and tutorials are available for Autodesk MotionBuilder, 3D Max, Poser, and Softimage|XSI.

The new release of Moven Studio version 2.1 contains improvements such as more advanced calibration. The software now provides more accurate feedback during calibration. The recording capabilities have improved. The extended contact point detection ensures more natural jumping and running movements. Improved ankle, toe, and spine kinematics give very natural movements to the human body model. And, edit and export functions have improved by enabling editing of two contact point segments simultaneously, a 128-step undo-redo system and batch export of complete file folders for more efficient production flows.
Xsens Technologies will be demonstrating Moven and the integration of itshigh quality output with MotionBuilder at SIGGRAPH 2008, booth 1423, August12-14, Los Angeles.