November 13, 2008

Xsens Technology to Release Moven Successor

Enshede, The Netherlands - In December 2008, Xsens Technologies will release the successor to Moven with improved software, a better suit design, and more accurate Motion Trackers. The company is offering an early-bird discount for customers who purchase the upcoming release this month.
Xsens offers a November-only 10 percent pre-launch discount on this new release, scheduled to debut in December.
Moven Studio 2.5 features:
• Improved mocap of shoulders and spine
• Prop settings tool
• Improved earth magnetic field immunity
• Multiple actor recording
• Imperial units input
• Improved contact-point editing interface
• Live data-stream to multiple network addresses
Improved Motionbuilder Plugin
• One-click setup
• Improved data transfer; higher output quality
• Support for MotionBuilder 2009
Improved Suit Design:
• Improved sensor position stability
• Improved comfort and cleanliness
• Easier to put on and wear
• Advanced sensor click-in system
Inertial Motion Trackers
• Additional sternum Motion Tracker
• Additional back-up/prop Motion Tracker
• Improved accelerometer range
• More accurate rate gyros
• 30 percent increased battery life
Moven SDK
• Moven Fusion Engine handles 3D position aiding input in real-time
Moven’s successor will be available as of December 2008.