February 22, 2008

Vuzix Viewpoint

Vuzix is unveiling a new firmware, software, and 3D version of its VR920-X 3D Video Eyewear technology at GDC. The latest release of firmware and software for the iWear VR920 are designed to solve historic constraints and compatibility issues associated with 3D stereoscopic video. Applications supporting Vuzix iWear will be able to run off virtually any make and model video card, as well as run on Microsoft Windows XP or Vista platforms. 

VR920-X enables Xbox 360 users to play games in 3D stereoscopic video. The VR920-X’s head tracking feature enhances game play, making it a more immersive gaming experience.

“Stereoscopic 3D content on an Xbox 360 promises to change the world of gaming,” says CEO Paul Travers.  
Vuzix is located in Booth 6427.