June 9, 2008

Visual Effects Society Publishes Industry Credit Guidelines

Encino, Calif. - The Visual Effects Society (VES) has published the first ever set of VES guidelines for titles in the visual effects industry. The list has been vetted by VES members and ratified by the VES Board of Directors. Major studios have reviewed the list as well and are encouraged to utilize it.

"Through these collective efforts, a harmonized master list of titles has been created that should be useful as a touchstone for all effects stakeholders," says VES executive director Eric Roth. "We think it represents a major step forward for our craft in standardizing the use of titles in the credits process for effects artists."

Questions regarding these guidelines can be addressed by calling the VES at 818-981-7861.

Credits/Titles to be submitted in accordance with VES Guidelines are as follows:






Senior Visual Effects Supervisor

Visual Effects Production Assistant

Visual Effects Supervisor

Visual Effects Accountant

Senior Animation Supervisor

Visual Effects Plate Supervisor

Additional Visual Effects Supervisor

Visual Effects Plate Producer

Visual Effects Co-Supervisor

Visual Effects Editor

Visual Effects Associate Supervisor

Visual Effects Assistant Editor

Animation Director

Visual Effects Previz Lead

Animation Supervisor

Visual Effects Previz Artist

Senior Visual Effects Producer

Visual Effects Previz Editor

Visual Effects Producer

Visual Effects Previz Sound Editor

Visual Effects Associate Producer

Visual Effects Data Coordinator

Visual Effects Production Supervisor

Visual Effects Data Assistant

Visual Effects Coordinator

Visual Effects Vendor Coordinator

Visual Effects Assistant Coordinator

Visual Effects Consultant

Visual Effects Production Associate








Senior Visual Effects Supervisor

CG Supervisor

Visual Effects Supervisor

Compositing Supervisor

Additional Visual Effects Supervisor

Senior Visual Effects Art Director

Co-Visual Effects Supervisor

Visual Effects Art Director

Visual Effects Associate Supervisor

Concept Artist

Visual Effects Plate Supervisor

Storyboard Artist

Visual Effects Consultant

Visual Effects Editor

Senior Animation Supervisor

Assistant Visual Effects Editor

Animation Supervisor


Senior Visual Effects Producer

Color Grading Artist

Visual Effects Producer

Color Grading Supervisor

Visual Effects Executive Producer

Previz Supervisor

Visual Effects Associate Producer

Previz Artist

Visual Effects Coordinator

I/O Supervisor

Production Associate

I/O Operator

Production Supervisor

I/O Neg Cutter

Visual Effects Production Manager

I/O Coordinator

Visual Effects Plate Producer

Scan/Record Technician

Visual Effects Plate Coordinator

Still Photographer

3D Stereoscopic Supervisor








CG Sequence Supervisor

Lead Texture Artist

Digital Production Supervisor

Senior Texture Artist

Animation Supervisor

Junior Texture Artist

Animation Producer

Motion Capture Supervisor

Animation Production Manager

Motion Capture Producer

Animation Coordinator

Motion Capture Engineer

Technical Animation Supervisor

Motion Capture Technician

Technical Animation Lead


Digital Effects Producer

Lead TD

Digital Effects Production Manager


Digital Effects Coordinator

Assistant TD

Character Setup Supervisor

Lighting Supervisor

Character Setup Lead

Lighting Lead

Character Rigging Supervisor

Lighting Artist

Character Rigging Artist

FX Animator

Rigging Supervisor

Character Animation Lead

Rigging Artist

Character Animator

Look Development Supervisor

Animation Lead

Look Development Lead


Compositing Sequence Supervisor

Layout Supervisor

Compositing Lead

Layout Artist


Modeling Supervisor

Matte Supervisor

Modeling Lead

Matte Painter


Matte Artist

Simulation Supervisor

Matte Painting Supervisor

Simulation Lead

Lead Digital Matte Painter

Simulation Artist

Senior Digital Matte Painter

Matchmove Supervisor

Digital Matte Painter

Matchmove Lead

R&D Supervisor

Matchmove Artist

R&D Artist

Rotoscope Supervisor

Senior Technical Developer

Rotoscope Lead

Software Development Supervisor

Rotoscope Artist

Software Developer

Digital Artist

Systems Manager

CG Artist

Systems Coordinator

Paint Supervisor

Systems Engineer

Paint Lead


Paint Artist

Pipeline Supervisor

Digital Paint Lead

Pipeline Engineer

Plate Restoration Supervisor

Shading Supervisor

Plate Restoration Lead

Shading Artist

Plate Restoration Artist

Texture Paint Supervisor

Technical Associate

Texture Lead

Technical Assistant

Texture Painter

Render Coordinator

Texture Paint Artist







Motion Capture Line Producer

Motion Capture Camera Operator

Motion Capture Supervisor

Motion Capture Pipeline TD

Motion Capture Producer

Motion Capture Pipeline Engineer

Motion Capture Systems Technician

Motion Capture Stage Manager

Motion Capture Systems Engineer

Motion Capture Coordinator

Motion Capture Systems Operator

Motion Capture Assistant

Motion Capture Real Time Operator

Motion Capture Production Assistant







Visual Effects Director of Photography

Visual Effect Data Capture

Visual Effects Photographer

Visual Effects 2nd Assistant Camera

Visual Effects Camera Operator

Visual Effects Camera Loader

Visual Effects 1st Assistant Camera

Digital Camera Engineer

Visual Effects Survey Supervisor

Digital Camera Assistant

Visual Effects Surveyor








Senior Special Effects Supervisor

Special Effects Best Boy

Special Effects Supervisor

Senior Special Effects Stage Technician

Senior Special Effects Coordinator

Special Effects Stage Technician

Special Effects Coordinator

Senior Special Effects Rigger

Special Effects Technician

Special Effects Rigger

Pyrotechnic Supervisor

Senior Special Effects Workshop Technician

Pyrotechnic Technician

Special Effects Workshop Technician

Head Special Effects Electronic Engineer

Head Special Effects Maintenance Engineer

Special Effects Electronic Engineer

Special Effects Maintenance Engineer

Special Effects Electronic Technician

Head Special Effects Machinist

Head Special Effects Stage Technician

Special Effects Machinist







Motion Control Supervisor

Motion Control Camera Assistant

Motion Control Producer

Motion Control Previz

Motion Control Cameraman

Motion Control Technician

Motion Control Operator

Motion Control Crane Operator





Models/Miniatures Director of Photography

Models/Miniatures Supervisor

Models/Miniatures Producer

Senior Modelmaker

Models/Miniatures Gaffer

Chief Modelmaker

Models/Miniatures Coordinator


Models/Miniatures Sr. Camera Operator

Models/Miniatures Sculptor

Models/Miniatures Camera Operator

Senior Plasterer

Models/Miniatures 1st Assistant Camera

Senior Painter

Models/Miniatures 2nd Assistant Camera

Graphic Artist

Models/Miniatures Camera Loader

Creature Supervisor

Models/Miniatures Technical Apprentice

Senior Creature Tech

Digital Camera Engineer

Creature Tech

Digital Camera Assistant

Supervising Mechanical Engineer

Models/Miniatures Stagehand

Mechanical Engineer

Models/Miniatures Production Manager

Chief Scenic Artist

Modelshop Supervisor

Scenic Artist

Models/Miniatures Effects Supervisor

Assistant Scenic Artist





Head Stop Motion Animator

Stop Motion Lead Sculptor

Stop Motion Animator

Stop Motion Sculptor

Stop Motion Assistant Animator

Stop Motion Lead Model Rigger

Stop Motion Puppet Coordinator

Stop Motion Model Rigger

Stop Motion Puppet Wrangler

Stop Motion Lead Mold/Mould Maker

Stop Motion Junior Puppet Wrangler

Stop Motion Mold/Mould Maker

Stop Motion Lead Armature Engineer

Stop Motion Camera Manager

Stop Motion Armature Engineer

Stop Motion Camera Operator

Stop Motion Character Fabricator

Stop Motion Assistant Camera







Animatronics Supervisor

Animatronics Foam Latex Technician

Animatronics Coordinator

Animatronics Mold/Mould Makers

Animatronics Designer

Animatronics Sculptor

Animatronics Mechanical Supervisor

Animatronics Seamstress

Animatronics Technician

Animatronics Hair/Fur Technician

Animatronics Control Systems Designer