March 24, 2008

TurboSquid Announces New Software Tools from nPower

New Orleans, La. - TurboSquid has announced the latest 3D modeling and translation tools from nPower, including several NURBS modeling titles and several translators for using 3ds Max with other CAD programs.
nPower Software for 3D artists, designers, and engineers delivers a suite of NURBS and Boolean tools for 3ds Max and Viz that provide sophisticated 3D design environments. Any shape can be designed in a simple, intuitive manner, even complex interrelated surfaces. Design changes propagate automatically through interconnected surfaces and faces.
Power Translators are built in to solve problems of getting quality CAD data into 3ds Max. These translators produce a high-quality 3ds Max model with very smooth edges and no polygonal artifacts. nPower's Power Translators read IGES, STEP, SAT, and Rhino, and PowerTranslators Advanced provides all basic features plus multiprocessor mesh generation, face flipping, and visibility tools, conversion to hidden triangle mesh, and duplicate face detection. Power Translators Pro has all Pro Translators Advanced features and both Power NURBS and PowerSolidWorksToMax. Additional translators are available for a variety of file formats.
The Power NURBS bundle includes NURBS Pro and Power Translators Basic; Power Solids bundle includes Power Solids plus Power Translators Basic.