April 21, 2008

TurboSquid 3D Models to Populate VastPark Virtual Worlds

New Orleans - TurboSquid, home to a large marketplace of royalty-free 3D models, announced a new relationship with VastPark, a highly interactive platform geared toward the easy creation of games and virtual worlds.
Traditionally, when users want 3D content to populate a digital world, they have to go through the steps of purchasing the content online, downloading it, and importing it manually into the world.
TurboSquid and VastPark will simplify the process by enabling VastPark users to call content directly from TurboSquid's extensive catalog of more than 195,000 3D models and into a VastPark world.
The VastPark virtual world site sets itself apart from other offerings with its wide range of interactivity options. Company managers predict that users will visit, play, and interact with each others' VastPark worlds in the same way they share and comment on each other's MySpace or Web pages.