April 8, 2008

The Pixel Farm Launches PFClean 4.0

Las Vegas - The Pixel Farm is launching the next version of its resolution-independent, automated moving image review and clean up system, PFClean, at NAB 2008.
For DI facilities and film restoration companies, Version 4.0 has more than 1000 new features and enhancements. Improved media management, re-mastering and IO, smart folders, an enhanced timeline, improved grain management, and a new scripting are among the additions to PFClean.   
PFClean 4.0 software is available as a 64-bit application for all platforms: Linux, Intel-based Mac, and Windows. New Project templates allow multiple-resolution sources to be worked on with a project and then re-mastered within the timeline to single or multiple output resolutions. With the new Tracking Manager, 2D feature tracks can be shared and used by many tools within PFClean. Masks can be attached to Trackers, as can paint strokes. Trackers can also be used to improve motion estimation and image stabilization. Also included is a new De-fog tool, which is designed to fix images damaged by x-rays, pre or over exposure, and other issues common to some regions.    
Project and media management enhancements allow for wider infrastructure support with user-defined Vault locations, making for flexible pipeline integration. PFClean 4.0 also introduces “Automations,” scripted operations that can be applied within PFClean to carry out common or complex tasks. In conjunction with new Smart folders within the application, users can now set up an automated workflow without the need to use command line tools. A reworked timeline provides multipoint editing features while improved Grain tools include strength presets, added edge protection, de-grain presets, and improved analysis of linear images.   
The PFClean batch/command line system, introduced in v2.5, can be used as a stand-alone application to automatically clean footage. Additionally, with a fast interconnect, adding an extra node is "plug and play."  
Shipping on May 1, 2008, PFClean 4.0 software is available for Linux, Windows, and Intel-based OS X for $16,000. Annual support, including all upgrades is $4,000. The entry-level turn key system is $38,000, with the optional Video IO module costing $10,000. Options include: Film Restoration Pack $6,000; Video IO Module $10,000.