January 3, 2008

The Foundry Debuts Furnace 4 for Fusion

London - Visual effects software developer The Foundry has released its Furnace 4 plug-ins for eyeon Software’s Fusion.
The recently released tool set is brand new to Fusion artists, giving them access to a host of advanced image processing tools designed to enhance workflow and boost productivity in digital visual effects post production.  
Furnace helps to ease the routine processes involved with the creation of digital visual effects. With The Foundry’s Furnace 4 for Fusion now shipping, Fusion artists can gain access to a broad range of The Foundry’s sophisticated motion estimation technology.  
The Furnace 4 for Fusion tool set is born from The Foundry’s OFX initiative. Launched in 2004, OFX (Open FX) is a free-of-charge, open source plug-in standard for developing 2D digital visual effects.
Furnace 4 for Fusion includes: Align, BlockTexture, ChannelRepair, ColourAlign, ColourMatte, Contrast, Correlate, DeBlur, DeFlicker, DeFlicker2, DeGrain, DeNoise, Depth, DirtRemoval, FrameRepair, Kronos, MatchGrade, MotionBlur, MotionMatch, MotionMatte, MotionSmooth, PixelTexture, ReGrain, RigRemoval, ScratchRepair, ShadowRemoval, SmartFill, Splicer, Steadiness, Tile, and WireRemoval.  
Contrast allows the user to extract hidden detail from dark areas of an image without overexposing the bright areas. Based on the adaptive contrast enhancement algorithm in Apical's Iridix product, Contrast behaves like the human visual system by being adaptive and spatially varying.  
DeFlicker1 and DeFlicker2 are automated plug-ins designed to remove luminance flicker in a sequence. Both of The Foundry’s DeFlicker solutions can remove multiple over-lapping phase different flickers, while adapting to cope with motion in the sequence.  
DeNoise is a noise and grain removal plug-in that uses advanced motion estimation technology along the direction of motion, reducing the noise without introducing any of the artefacts typically associated with noise reduction.  
FrameRepair replaces damaged or missing frames by interpolating pixels from images either side.  
Kronos uses The Foundry’s advanced motion estimation technology to build in-between frames in a sequence. Kronos can be used to speed up (with motion blur) or slow down an image sequence. Artists have the option of supplying foreground mattes, to give retimed objects tight crisp edges and the latest version will detect and account for occluded regions of the image.  
ReGrain and DeGrain are a pair of advanced grain management tools. DeGrain is an intelligent solution designed to remove the maximum amount of grain without damaging the image. ReGrain duplicates grain either from a sample image or stock footage and applies it to a new sequence.    
WireRemoval is an automatic tool for removing straight or curved wires from a sequence, whilst preserving the images grain and background detail. WireRemoval comes with a whole bunch of tools to tackle variable width over the wire’s length, as well as wire tracking and automatic color correction.  
Now shipping, Furnace 4 for Fusion nodelocked licenses are available for $4400, or with a float priced at $6600.