February 22, 2008

Take to the Skies with DreamFlyer

GDC attendees can test drive DreamFlyer, a flight simulation controller from FMS Flight Motion Simulator Inc. The DreamFlyer is a full-motion flight simulator controller that users sit in to control the flight-simulation game. It comes with a full joystick, complete with combat controls, a hand throttle, a thumb switch mouse, and foot pedals.
Users can make turns by tilting the joystick or their bodies in whatever direction they are looking to go. When they make a turn, the DreamFlyer and monitor turn with them, giving the sensation of flight. A fuller experience can be had by attaching up to three LCD monitors.

DreamFlyer doesn't use any motors, just two USB cables for the controls, lending to reduced maintenance and ease of setup. The lack of motors and simple build structure also bring down the cost.