June 10, 2008

Studio Network Solutions Ships Evo Shared Storage System

St. Louis, Mo. - Studio Network Solutions (SNS), a provider of postproduction storage systems, is now shipping its recently introduced shared storage system, Evo, with additional new features.
The new Evo offers file sharing, volume sharing, Fibre Channel, iSCSI, NAS, and up to 24 Terabytes per system. Each unit now also includes Postmap, a metadata management application that lets users tag and quickly locate files on the storage system.

Evo's integration of SAN and NAS enables everyone in a workgroup to edit, share, and review projects, media, and other large files using the most appropriate connection type for the assigned task. The system is compatible with Final Cut Pro, Avid, Adobe Premiere Pro, Pro Tools, and most similar applications for Mac and PC.
Evo expands to accommodate more storage capacity, additional users, and increased performance. It offers Fibre Channel and Ethernet ports for direct connection of up to 10 computers --­ without a switch. A 10Gb Ethernet option is also available for users who require the absolute maximum bandwidth.
Evo is versatile, and among its list of advanced features it offers the ability to bridge existing Fibre Channel storage over iSCSI or NAS. Bridging offers customers the capability to re-purpose their older storage, such as an Xserve RAID, and extend it over long distances with Ethernet.