May 15, 2008

Stereoscope Opens in Burbank with 3D Quantel Pablo 4K

Burbank, Calif. - Responding to Hollywood's growing demand for 3D production and postproduction, Stereoscope has opened its doors to serve the creative community.

Equipped with the new version of Quantel's Pablo 4K color grading system, which can handle real-time stereoscopic postproduction, the studio has been designed from the ground up to provide a range of stereo 3D digital content services, from development through distribution.

Quantel's stereoscopic Pablo sits inside Stereoscope's 3D digital mastering theater and is designed to be the center of the studio's entire DI workflow. The system provides an environment for assembly, editing, conforming, effects, titling, color grading and spatialization of digital stereoscopic images.


In the summer of 2007, both Cummins and Pierce started thinking seriously about 3D. A few months later Stereoscope was conceived by company co-founder Jeff Pierce. Both have extensive backgrounds in postproduction. They realized that 3D was becoming the next big thing in feature film production and exhibition, leading to a growing need for stereo 3D postproduction.  


Stereoscope is starting out by offering stereo 3D mastering and post, and plans to add services as it expands, including production, staging, 7.1 audio mastering, graphics, and digital distribution. The facility has built a 30x40x15 feet three-sided stage as well as a 7.1 mix room centered on a Solid State Logic digital board, with Pro Tools. Also available is a Sony HDCAM SR deck, enabling the acquisition and output of RGB 4:4:4 images--as well as an Avid Nitris for editorial work.